Lady Julia


‘Victorian London comes alive with Lady Julia in a new detective series for TV’

Based on the best selling book of the same name by Deanna Raybourn, ‘Lady Julia’ is a six-part murder mystery series set in Victorian England. The titular Lady Julia is a strong, attractive and increasingly formidable female detective, solving murders, starting with her husband, with a mysterious, brooding and troubled man Nicholas Brisbane.

First published in 2008, the best selling American author’s début novel, 'Silent in the Grave' was nominated for an 'Agatha Award'. She was credited with having created a hugely entertaining post feminist pastiche of a classic Gothic Victorian adventure. Featuring the British upper class at their lowest, it has a combustible mixture of snobbery, lust, and hypocrisy, venereal disease, xenophobia, secret societies, and gypsy curses.

‘Lady Julia’ will use the classic filmic style of ‘Downton Abbey’ or ‘Mr Selfridge’ but its heart will beat out a new more exhilarating rhythm, that will increase exponentially the excitement and the tension, as murder most foul rather than stolen gloves grab our attention. With a butler whose wife died while they performed on the circus trapeze, a gypsy laundress and a mistress who has slept with Archdukes and Princes, alongside poisoned condoms and roaring house inferno, Lady Julia embarks on her adventures with a truly explosive beginning.