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Charles Paris


‘Dying on Stage’ takes on a new meaning when Charles Paris investigates.

‘Charles Paris’ is a crime comedy-drama series from the pen of author - and former chair of the Agatha Christie Society - Simon Brett. In Charles Paris, Simon Brett has created a truly wonderful cynical actor character that is loved by thousands of readers. Through his jaundiced perception of the world and often against his better judgment Charles fights injustice, bad directors and early closing times. Charles is also his own worst enemy, a charming lush who can resist anything except temptation, especially in the form of women and alcohol.

Let down by his useless but adorable agent Maurice Skellern and as a jobbing actor in work that is boring or unchallenging, Charles has more than enough time on his hands to solve the odd murder mystery or two. Unhappily uncoupled - but not divorced, he gets entangled in all sorts of crimes where he is cast in the role of unwilling amateur detective.

From his vanity piece at the Edinburgh Festival through repertory and to Dancing With The Stars, each episode takes Charles on a new job and a new adventure despite Maurice’s obsession that reality TV will be the making of him and his career. But across each episode he will be asking the same questions, will he and his estranged wife Fran ever get back together? When will he finish his own blasted play? And will he ever understand his children?

There are 20 books currently in the series (a selection have already been adapted for Radio 4 with Charles played by Bill Nighy). Simon Brett will adapt for the screen pilot.