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The Wrong Mrs Calloway

'Its Never too Late to be the Person Who You Might Have Been.'


‘The Wrong Mrs Calloway’ is a returnable six part comedy drama series written by Larry Barker that tells the story of how a murder victim solves her own murder!

Matt, an advertising executive, is mourning the loss of his wife in a tragic accident and it’s sending his career in free fall. Holed up in a hotel room he is contemplating the futility of life and is about to end the pain. Suddenly an Angel, called Toby, appears and explains he wants to help. Toby asks him for the one thing that would help and Matt begs him to speak with his wife, to allow him to say all the things he should have said about how much he loved and appreciated her. Toby grants that wish and Mrs Calloway appears. Unfortunately it’s the wrong Mrs Calloway! 

Enter the first Mrs Calloway – Kate, to a sound track featuring The Hives and Christina Aguilera. Twenty years ago, after breaking up acrimoniously with Matt, they lost touch when she stayed in South End on Sea and he moved to London. Now she is back and looking to solve how and why she died.  

After successfully solving the mystery of Kate’s death & settling that particular score, word gets out in heaven, and other ‘clients’ from ‘beyond’ seek the pair’s help in solving mysteries and righting past wrongs - the ultimate cold case mysteries!