Bernard Spilsbury. The FIRST medical detective. 

A returnable crime drama series based on the life and work of British pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury, widely acknowledge as the founding father of forensic science, created by Nichola McAuliffe. Sir Bernard Spilsbury was the first expert witness – the original crime scene investigator. Without Spilsbury's work – and discoveries – there would be no modern day forensic industry, and therefore none of the juggernaut drama series that have followed. No CSI, Law & Order, Bones, Silent Witness or for that matter, characters embedded in procedural forensic analysis Marple, Poirot, Frost or Morse.

Spilsbury's case book is brought back to life and we also get to learn what made Spilsbury, a man as complicated as his casebook. Framed in the context of Edwardian England at the birth of Modernism. A society rich with contradictions; rich and poor, right and wrong, old and new, male and female and of course at the crossroads of of tradition and progress.

‘Whitechapel’ for the turn of the century British medical profession where fact and fiction are woven together, as Spilsbury crosses paths with many luminaries from the period, Drs Luff & Pepper, Dr Wilcox, Arthur Conan Doyle, King Edward to music hall stars like Marie Lloyd and magicians including Houdini.

Developed in association with the WELLCOME TRUST.