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The Women


Arresting Stories; The Adventures of the Nations First Police Women

Revolutionary things happen in a time of crisis. In 1914, Britain was in crisis with the outbreak of the First World War. This was the moment that Metropolitan Police Force began employing their very first female police officers due to the furious campaigning of two remarkable women; Margaret Damer Dawson and Nina Boyle.

Other units were rolled out across the country. They called themselves the W.P.S - The Women’s Police Service. And this is the inspirational story of one of those units, the first one in the provinces, the first one outside of London.

Set in the market town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, in 1916, ‘THE WOMEN’ is a character driven crime series and a compelling, revealing insight into what was a world dominated by prejudice and sexism. It’s gives a voice to those who were too downtrodden to speak for themselves; the cases the WPS solve and the WPS themselves.

Each episode will be a stand-alone crime for THE WOMEN to solve, crimes (for whatever reason) their male counterparts are uninterested in or unwilling to pursue, the ones they want to wash their hands of because of sex or class; the murder of a prostitute, the death of a mill child, an illegal immigrant found floating in the river, the sexual assault of a homeless woman... stories and issues that STILL resonate today.