Never the Bride


'God has given you one face, and you make yourself another'

‘Never the Bride’ by Paul Magrs is the first in a series of popular books that star Brenda, the re-imagined jilted bride of the monster created by Dr Frankenstein. Along with her best friend, Effie, and a teenage outsider, Richard, they all find themselves battling monster, demons, criminals and occasionally each other, protecting the picturesque seaside port of Whitby.

We are mixing drama/comedy with fantasy, high art with popular culture. Trying to fuse the mundane with the surreal we hope to create an entertaining and compelling way of upending conventional notions about gender and sexuality.

Brenda’s world is an alternative reality, in which stories such as ‘War of the Worlds’ did actually happen (while Fu Manchu plotted world domination from a hide out amongst the foggy wharfs of Limehouse) yet most facets of modern life remain unchanged.

Together this band of outsiders star in an exciting six part series for teenagers upwards.   

We would like to thank Bret M Herholz for his original drawings of Brenda and her gang of adventurers.