A returnable anthology drama series set across three decades in the high-rolling, dirty dealing world of London Casinos.

‘Lowlife’ is the no-holds barred dramatic retelling of the true story behind London's casinos. Starring, in no particular order, roulette, blackjack, chemin-de-fer, baccarat, punto-banco, poker, robbery of every shape and size, whoring, addiction, sudden death, and lots of laughs.

The laughing only stops when somebody gets killed.

The cast of characters are unforgettable; meet the French Connection, the Cockney Frog, Golden Bollocks, Hashish, Lily the Pimp, the Dutch Girl, the Fat Man, Nick the Greek, Spanish *****, two pretty women in an open sports car plying their trade in Curzon Street, and the Mad Irishman. 

Not to mention Augustus John and Salvador Dali . It’s ‘sort of’ a true story, so why wouldn’t they and a few others be involved... Saudi Princes, Lord Lucan, and even the odd Royal, come on down Princess Margaret, fragrant and fresh from her long black limousine.

‘Lowlife’ will weave real and fictional characters across a fascinating, sometimes dangerous but always exciting, cultural and historical backdrop that spanned continents and classes, modern and traditional worlds and some of the most evocative places on the London landscape. Curzon Street, Park Lane, Knightsbridge Green, Carlton House Terrace, Berkeley Square, Hamilton Place, will all come back to life. From the memoir by David Petty.