Deadbeat Dads


‘Becoming a dad is one thing, being a dad is many things’

Hayley Wilson was never going to be mother of the year, but this loving, resilient, single-mum always put her three children first... unlike their indifferent deadbeat dads.

But when a car accident suddenly takes Hayley’s life on the damp back roads of Birmingham, the only people available to care for her grief-stricken kids — Liv (16), Zeke (15) and Rosie (11) — are the fathers they barely know: Nicholas, a disgraced academic with a gambling problem; Alvi, a failed boxer with a criminal record; and Simo an irresponsible playboy who’s always up for a good time, not a long time.

Given the choice by the Child Maintenance Service to either pay thousands of pounds in child support they don’t have or finally take responsibility for their children’s care, these three habitual losers who can’t stand each other, will need to move into Hayley’s house to keep this ramshackle family afloat. If they fail — as everyone expects — not only are they on the hook financially, but their grieving, vulnerable kids will be placed into foster care. If somehow they can come together, maybe — just maybe — they all stand a chance.

But after years of paternal neglect, their kids have other ideas. While young Rosie is excited to have not just one dad, but three for the first time in her life, Liv and Zeke are determined to prove they don’t need “dads” and set about doing whatever they can to get them out.